We provide our customers the highest quality of wood working, that will give your imagination a boost of what is possible from Evergreen Contractors. From live edge furniture to sleek and modern cabinetry.

Because we have our own woodworking shop, we are able to build your desired look and keep the our high standards of what fine woodworkers should strive for. We produce custom pieces, under a controlled environment, eliminating the problems that can arise with wood working from typical Evergreen Contractors. We will always keep the highest quality and execute in a timely matter. Some of the problems that other woodworker face is finishing their projects. Because of our team and there many years of experience. We finish our projects with a flawless factory finish. The finish is a huge part of woodworking. The project can be fabricate perfectly, but if the finish is not of the same standard it can make the work look amature.

We like the unique and challenging projects that other contractors steer from. We can provide many solutions to those problems that can arise during remodeling, or if you just want a look that no one else has. Our team are extremely  skilled and creative. The way we produce our pieces will have an impact on how your home looks.

We pride ourselves on producing the pieces that others can’t or won’t. In fact we call them our art work, and your home will be our show case that others will envy.

Custom Metal Details.

With the a top remodeling company, an ability to fabricate metal pieces to tie in the design of a project is an absolute must compared to most Evergreen Contractors. A lot of our work has special pieces that gives the project another level of what we like to call the WOW factor.

With our fabrication shop we are able to provide these features, that others need to farm out to other companies, relying on their skills and creativity. Being able to keep our metal work in house, provides us the ability to keep the work to our high quality standards instead of outside sources that most Evergreen Contractors.

There are so many applications that we have used metal to give a home it’s own feel and life. By using metal in certain applications we are able to build the unique and what seemed to be impossible tasks. Metal can be the perfect application of holding extreme loads that wood just can’t provide. If you know how to manipulate metal the possibilities are endless. Some will incorporate their own metal details, but they don’t have the look to be apart of the piece. This is where we take the time and care to blend it in the piece making it whole.

Here are a few projects that we have created, which might get your creative juices flowing. A hammered metal waterfall behind a vanity with a backlit mirror standing off it. Metal backsplashes with the matching metal pantry door and trim. Custom range hoods ranging from three feet to twelve feet tall. Metal ceiling in a formal dining room, rustic mantels to the polished circular stairway.

Metal Coloring

In the heart of making everything unique and infusing an artist mindset into everything we do as Evergreen Contractors, we love enhancing our metal projects with coloring the metal. This might sound like a wild idea or something that a chemist would come up with, but the options are limitless! This is the opportunity to transform something that is common and simple with a fairly easy process that results in beautiful pieces. There are many different styles that we can infuse into this process and we would love to show you all of the many options.

The people who come to work with us do so because they know that we are masters of are craft and are extremely passionate about what we do. These are the people who call upon us as their Evergreen Contractors because they know that we are going to push the boundaries and dare to do something unique and new. Metal coloring has been around forever but is neglected by many contractors because it takes extra time, thoughts, and resources. This is what makes Struct construction different because we live for moments when we get to make custom projects for our customers.

Having the modern industrial style is something that has become very popular in the industry right now and we are the best contractor around to accomplish this look for you. Through our custom word work combined with our manipulation of these beautiful metals we will come up with a look that all of your friends are in awe of. We love elevating the expectations of each person that comes with us as we are always pushing the boundaries of our abilities.

Custom Designs

For those of you who have had a unique idea in mind for years and are very specific about the vision you are wanting to bring to life with your Evergreen Contractors we would love for you to challenge us as that is our niche in the industry. We are always eager to conquer custom jobs that are filled with your personality as a home is a reflection of the lives that are in it. This is a chance for us to give you an experience unlike any remodeling job you have ever seen before.

With a team of skilled craftsmen behind us we are able to combine our talents and new ideas to constantly be creating something new and interesting for our clients. This is why we got into this career and have had so much fun in the many years that we have spent designing and building as Evergreen Contractors. There are unique skill sets that each of us have and have spent years honing so that we can give the customer something that far exceeds their expectations.

We challenge you to let your inner artist, or child if you will, free so that your imagination can run wild with all the possibilities for your home remodel. No matter how big or small the project is we always believe that there is absolutely no reason for it to be basic or cookie cutter. This is an opportunity to give you something that is going to be completely special to the place that you get to call home on a daily basis.

There is an absolute respect and understanding from us that this is a huge investment on your part and we are always going to be honored for your faith in us. With that in mind we want to create for you something that is of the highest quality that makes you constantly thankful of your decision to give your space a face lift and to dare to do something a little different. Say goodbye to those shabby chic basic designs that you see on HGTV and embrace a custom design that completely encompases the vibe you are wanting for your space.