Residential Remodels

Kitchen Remodels

At Struct Construction we stand above all the other Evergreen Contractors because we are passionate about making sure every remodel we do is customized to the clients vision. One of our favorite projects to tackle is taking that outdated kitchen and transforming it into the luxurious kitchen of your dreams. For many people having that gourmet kitchen where they can create decadent meals that bring family and friends together has been unitanible, but now you are ready for that remodel! At Struct we take the time to truly understand your vision and personal style that you are wanting to instill into your kitchen.

We are able to show you tons of past projects that we have done and make suggestions to guide you in the direction that results in a kitchen your neighbors will be jealous of! Most Evergreen Contractors will just follow the trends and give you kitchens that look fine but breath no personality into the home. Our goal is to add that character your house deserves and let it ooze the energy you have given it! No longer will you be stuck with that kitchen that you told yourself when you moved in that one day you would renovate. We will make this process very easy and understandable while creating a kitchen that you want to cook in all day long.

Bathroom Remodels

After conquering that kitchen you might be thinking that it is time to give that bathroom a makeover as well. This is a job that your typical Evergreen Contractors will see small and easy that requires minimal attention. Not at Struct Construction, here we design each and every detail by hand, as we keep a close eye on every aspect of your remodel. A bathroom should be a place where you can relax and feel right at home, not just a small room to be ignored. You have spent a lot of time cultivating an environment in your master bedroom that induces tranquility, and now you are on a mission for a ensuite that does the same!

When you use this Evergreen contractors for your bathroom remodel we will go over all the endless possibilities with you so that you are able to customize the design to your personal style. This is not just a small job to use, but it is your home and we are incredibly respectful of you choosing us to renovate any part of it! Whether your style is modern, eclectic, rustic, or mid century we will be able to create a bathroom that is exactly what you are envisioning with custom pieces that no one else will have. You will find yourself soaking in that clawfoot tub for hours as you might find that this is your new favorite room in the entire home!

Basement Remodels

There is a space in the house that sometimes gets neglected for years, and sometimes will go unfinished for years! At Struct Construction we are always extremely excited about all the possibilities a bedroom holds! For a lot of Evergreen Contractors they see a basement as either a game room or theater room, if they are real creative a mancave. However, when you use us for your remodeling project we let our imaginations run wild on all the options for such a large space. We will always make sure to listen to what you’re ideal set up for the space would be and then add to your vision. Take that boring useless basement and make it over into a wine room fit for a palace! We take the normal Evergreen contractors wet bar and elevate it so that you are transformed the moment you walk in.

As if you are now in a 1920’s speakeasy or cigar lounge that is not lacking for leather details. Whether you are wanting a custom made wood bar with a live edge or a stone mosaic around the sink we can make it happen. Elevate your expectations when you use Struct Custonstruction for any of your renovations as we are far from cookie cutter. We can absolutely create for you that man cave, theater room, or game room but what we challenge with each remodel that we do is for you to abandon what you think it achievable. We will work tirelessly to give you a customized basement that stands out amongst all the others and also serves your needs for the space.

Luxury Remodels

There is nothing that screams luxury more than customized projects that have been crafted by skilled workman who are experts in their crafts. When you use us as your go to Evergreen Contractors you will have all the customization you would ever want at your fingertips. We are not the contractor that tells you to go shopping or where we have to order the pieces required for our projects. From customize wood or iron doors, countertops, and backsplashes we can create unique pieces that we straight out of your imagination. No longer will you be trapped by contractors who order all of the details off of cheap sites online, but you will have a remodeled home that is filled with pieces that are only owned by you.

Let your inner designer come out to play as we will be able to guide you in the remodeling process in order to create the luxurious feel that you are wanting for you home. At Struct Construction we are always respectful of your budget and completely understand that this is a huge investment you are trusting us with. In the same spirit, we will never cut corners with you use us for your project and will only use high quality products. If you have imagined it, we can make it and implement it into your space. Having the opportunity as an Evergreen Contractors to work in the industry everyday that we are extremely passionate about and hone our chosen craft is something we are extremely grateful for! We would absolutely love it if you called us today to book an appointment so that we can tell you about all the past luxury projects we have done and walk you through all of the services in which we offer.