Custom Furniture

At Struct Construction we design custom furniture and features for your home that are unique to your style and needs……


  • Lifetime Labor Warranty 
  • Handcrafted 
  • Custom Designs
  • High Quality Materials
  • Designed to fit your space
  • Personalized & Unique to you


  • Tables
  • Fireplaces
  • Mantels
  • Firepits
  • Countertops
  • Light Fixtures
  • Artwork and much more!

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After purchasing your dream house or investing in an Evergreen contractors to remodel to transform the place you call home, the last thing you want is to have to resort to ikea for your furniture. When you are looking for furniture that fits your exact space and style it can be quite a struggle as options are cookie cutter, cheaply made, and limited. After doing hundreds of remodels in the Evergreen area we kept seeing homeowner after homeowner run into this issue so we decided to come up with a solution. Therefore, Custom Furniture by Brandon Haaga was born! Ranging from intricate metal detailed doors to glass blown chandeliers, we have a talented craftsman/artist on staff to work with you to come up with the perfect piece!

Giving your Home that Unique Personalized Style

When you come to us for your remodel, one of the most valuable services in which we offer is access to our shop and artists. This gives you a team of Evergreen contractors who are all skilled craftsman and artists that will work with you to create custom pieces and additions to your remodel. This can be incredibly wide ranging, as we can do something as simple as handcrafted metal fixtures for your cabinets to outfitting your entire home with high quality personalized furniture. When you are investing to transform the place you call home so it cultivates the exact feel and environment you are desiring, the details is what separates your remodel from all the other cookie cutters out there. By choosing Struct Construction as your Evergreen contractors of choice you will have the ability to achieve the exact vision you have for your home. From copper countertops to entertainment centers, the possibilities are endless. A lot of times people think that the only option in order to make sure that the furniture or accent pieces for their home match their style is to hire an interior designer. Although an interior designer will be able to put together the room in a styled way, they are not able to pull your perfect dining room table out of thin air! That is where we at Struct fill the gap as an Evergreen contractors we will be able to design for you the perfect pieces for your home then show you how to style it to perfection. 

Mixed Materials

The way that we are able to create such custom unique pieces is through our mixing of different materials and also our treatment to these materials. Most Evergreen contractors will just purchase premade materials that are already put together or treated. What we do that is different is we use unique methods of treating these materials that give them a specific look and style. Whether it is staining metal or mixing stone with concrete we are able to give a conventional material a brand new life. After treating these materials the artist is able to apply and manipulate them in order to create an intricate piece. Ask us about our blown glass light fixtures or copper textured countertops, even the custom wood and metal wine room that we have all created in the past! We are the Evergreen contractors that always use high quality materials purchased by trusted companies that already have a beauty of their own. However, when you mix these already gorgeous raw materials you are able to create something uniquely beautiful and new!

Outdoor Opportunities

When you are getting a remodel done on our home one thing that sometimes can get neglected but you notice like a sore thumb after completion is your outdoor space. When you use Struct for your Evergreen Contractors you will see that we have experience on not just interior furniture and features but with outdoor pieces as well. Living in such a beautiful scenic area as Evergreen we love the opportunity to take advantage of our outdoor area and transform it into a beautiful oasis where the family can play and gather. If you are looking for something simple like just installing a gorgeous stone firepit or you are wanting a fully functional outdoor kitchen that appears as if it belongs in nature, Struct is the company for you. By using natural materials like stone, concrete, wood, and metal then treating them in a way that makes them look expensive and luxurious is a beautiful way to enhance your backyard. We highly encourage asking one of our Evergreen contractors about a water feature or fireplace that we have done in the past! This is where you can really let your imagination run wild and evaluate what you want most out of your backyard. With our team to help guide you, you will be very quickly relaxing in the backyard of your dreams!

Custom Furniture

We have a lot of clients and dear friends that come to use for specific pieces even if they are not embarking on a remodel with us. We have even had other Evergreen contractors reach out and hire us to do custom furniture for their jobs. That is because at Struct we have two different businesses that you can dip into! You might of just moved into your perfect dream house but are realizing that your old furniture is just not cutting it, this is a great opportunity for you to call us! We will come out to your home to take measurements and hear your vision for the style of the space. Or you are more than welcome to come into the shop where you can see current pieces or projects that we are tackling. Stop searching for the perfect cabinets or settling for something less than what you want, in order to get a piece of furniture that is as unique as you are it is going to have to be custom made! From dining room tables to counter tops or even a bedframe for your master suite, we’ve got options galore! We believe that in order to be your very best option for Evergreen contractors we need to be able to complete your remodel with the perfect furniture for you.