Evergreen Contractors understand that whenever you go through renovation or remodel, there are a lot of hoops that you need to jump through. There’s always some sort of a table for your every even able to get to the construction part of your renovation. Because of this, We are going to bypass that give you exactly what you want. Construction is one of the very few five-star rated review Evergreen contract. Let’s schedule your free design consultation today. We have several different methods that we are able to use. We are the company the people call whenever they have one-of-a-kind objects craft things done. Even whenever other construction contracting companies get hired, usually outsourced the unique stuff to us. Meaning that you are Just getting overcharged for it in the first place.

Evergreen Contractors several different materials whenever they are working on your home. The two main ones obviously are wood and metal. The best part about choosing struct constructions that we own our own woodworking and fabrication shop. To this means that we are able to actually custom build any kind of metal or shape that you can possibly dream of. We actually pride ourselves in welcoming and encouraging unique and challenging ideas that most people fear away from. As we pride ourselves in producing pieces that others can’t. Well of course they won’t. One of the hardest parts of woodworking, is finishing it. No not and actually completing it, but the actual finish of the wood. This is what actually separates the professionals from the amateurs. Finishes not done properly, it’ll look strange.

Evergreen Contractors another option that we work with is obviously metal. Since we own our own metal fabrication, we are able to fabricate metal pieces into the design of the project ease. And this is an absolute must. Since the our own shop, it’s much cheaper for us to than anyone else, as well as the fact that most other companies outsource to us anyways. So either way, we are the company that does the work, is just a matter of whether or not you want to pay or not. If you understand how to manipulate metal than the possibilities are endless.

So obviously we’ve done over the our materials, we also do a special kind of coloring for metal. Now this is just your average that we actually will change the color of any kind of metal with ease. The process is actually fairly easy, but most companies just ignored it do it because it takes extra time, thoughts and resources but since we pride ourselves in being the company that does all the crazy unique stuff, this is exactly what we take pride in as well. We also offer several different kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels or even entire house remodel.

Your interest in seeing what else we can offer you, please feel free to check out our website www.structconstruction.com or give us a call to get your free design consultation done today. At 720-556-9933.

Evergreen Contractors understands what it’s like to go through the hassle of remodeling a home. There several different hooves that you have to jump through before you’re even able to begin the remodeling process. There’s our construction we are a five-star rated business by Google reviews to schedule your free consultation today. We are not just your average remodeling company. We are the company the everybody turns to when they need unique things done. We are the company that does the work that nobody else wants to. We are the ones to build the unique, one-of-a-kind structures. If your house wants to look like a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, we are the business to call.

Evergreen Contractors uses several different materials whenever they are working with their custom fabrications. The main two are obviously wood and metal. We own our own woodworking shop. Which produces obviously the highest quality of woodworking possible. The hardest part of woodworking actually is the finish. No not finishing it, but the finish of the actual product. Proper finishes are what separate the amateurs from the pros. We actually completely welcome and encouraged unique and challenging projects that most people would steer away from. We pride ourselves in producing pieces that others can’t or just simply won’t.

Evergreen Contractors also offers is a wide variety of metal fabrications. The ability to fabricate metal pieces to tie into the design of the project is an absolute must when it comes to our company. We also have her own fabrication shop which means you don’t have to go outsource to someone else to get it done. And since we are the ones that most people outsource to, it’s going to be considerably cheaper to have us do it anyways. If you understand the process of how to manipulate metal, then the possibilities are endless. Some insane examples that we have already performed would include: a hammered metal waterfall behind a vanity with a backlit mirror standing off of it. As well as some rustic mantels that are polished down the spiral staircase.

Another amazing thing that we are able to offer you is our metal coloring. The most companies won’t even bother working that much with metal as a craft. However since we are the company that does things nobody else does, we are happy to do this. Metal coloring is actually fairly easy, but the companies simply ignore because it does take a lot of extra time thoughts and resources. This is not just your average patina because we use several different metals not just copper.

If any of this interest you and you are looking to have your house remodel, please feel free to talk to one of our design specialist today and get your free consultation at 720-556-9933. Or if you’re looking for more designs before you give us a call, please feel free to visit our websites at www.structconstruction.com. We are excited to hear from you and cannot wait to see what we are able to do for your house.