About Us

 I am Brandon Haaga and I am the owner of Struct Construction, formerly known as Brandon Haaga Construction. It seemed to be fate how I ended up as an Evergreen Contractors, considering that my entire family are skilled and passionate carpenters. Growing up I can not even say that I remember the first time that I started building or crafting because it is just simply what we all did. You might say that it was in my blood to fall in love with this industry and embark on making a career out of it that I now get to share with each of you.

As just a senior in high school I got to partake in my first home remodel job with my uncle and I could not get over the enjoyment and satisfaction that I obtained from the work that we did. During college I guess you could say my career as a Evergreen Contractors blossomed as I started to do carpentry work to sell and pay my way through school. After I graduated I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of guys who we equally as passionate as me about the quality of construction in which they provided.

Colorado Living

Therefore, Brandon Haaga Construction was born and we have been blessed to be serving the Evergreen community ever sense. There is nothing better then being able to practice our art in an environment like this one and we love having the opportunity to share our crafts with each of our customers. We try to infuse the natural beauty of your surroundings and amplify it with the remodel design of your choice. Whether it is a custom piece or a complete remodel we will always elevate your expectations.

The state of Colorado has much love in many people’s hearts as it is lush with gorgeous trees and mountains that are an Evergreen contractors dream backdrop. From the snowy white winters that bless the scenic views to the temperate summers that hold so many outdoor adventures. At Struct Construction we could not imagine living anywhere else or finding a more beautiful spot to embark on our careers. There are many beautiful places that you could settle in this nature blessed state and we are happy that we are able to serve Evergreen and most surrounding areas.

This gorgeous state is the perfect place to settle down or have a vacation house that you can visit whenever you need to get back in touch with nature and relax. With a diverse culture that is home to people of all ages we are the Evergreen Contractors that can adapt to the vision that you are wanting for your mountain home or favorite vacation spot. We have a staff of skilled artists that can custom design the perfect Colorado home for you!

Meet the Guys

At Struct Construction we are not lacking for talent as the company is filled with incredibly gifted artists and tradesmen that have very unique expertes any many different areas that are beneficial to Evergreen Contractors. We consider it a gift everyday to be able to learn from one another and challenge each other to constantly improve our skills and have an eagerness to develop more. A mindset of growth and perfection is what we strive for as we work on every job.

Bobby has a background as an artist and still works in the realm of art outside of what he does for Struct. He is amongst the most gifted of Evergreen Contractors in the area of color manipulation and application. From enhancing our custom metal pieces with metal coloring, giving our woodwork a final touch with wood finishing and staining, to creating the woodwork himself. Bobby is responsible for bringing these projects to life by using these finishes and manipulations to give your piece that custom look.

Arturo is the master remodeler of the group and makes most Evergreen Contractors quite jealous with his abilities. Amongst his many skills is almost all things remodeling, he is also a fantastic carpenter and is our go to guy when any welding is needed to be done. Andres assists not just Arturo but all of us in the company as he is our in house jack of all trades. You have him to think for the little details that make the job feel 100% complete and luxurious once we are done.

Mitchell is one of the best carpenters in the business and is to credit for a lot of the wood projects that any remodel job is in need of. Since at Struct Construction we strive to keep everything custom and unique, Mitchell crafts our trim, framing, and cabinets for all of our jobs. Then Kyle comes in to make sure that everything is polished and beautiful with fresh coats of paint and custom glass work. As our in house glass blower, when working with us you will get Kyle who is able to craft customized glass pieces that are swirls of beautiful color.

Juan is the man who is going to make sure that the canvas in which we are working is beautiful and in perfect condition. His job is to make sure that the canvas in which we are working on is in the best condition by setting drywall and painting walls to the shades that give the house the energy you are wanting. Moises is just one of the many guys on the team who is a talented artist and super detail oriented. He is a patient creature with an eye for the small things as I would go as far as saying that he is the best tile layer in the business. We are all very excited to get started on your project and to put all of our talents to the test in order to create your dream home. Let your imagination run wild with us on your team, say goodbye to traditional cookie cutter homes that have no personality. With a team that is passionate about what they get to do everyday, we will work tirelessly to elevate your expectations in everything that we do.